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In this tutorial I’m going to share with you the best web host for your WordPress sites. And I’m going to explain why. It’s kind of hard to make the decision of which web host that you should go with and which web host is going to be best for your WordPress based website. And deciding between Hostgator compared to InMotion Hosting is kind of a hard choice to make.

There’s so many different types of hosting packages out there. In this review I’m going to share why I think right now InMotion Hosting is really the best web host for your WordPress website and I’m going to share why that is.

Well, first let’s talk about dollar value. Okay, the dollars and cents of web hosting at the basic web hosting packages they’re going to cost the same no matter where you go. No matter if you go to Hostgator or Bluehost, or perhaps InMotion or GoDaddy any of the numerous web hosts.

So, I’m not really factoring in price in this equation. Because they all pretty much charge the exact same thing and they pretty much give you some of the similar specs. So that’s not the criteria I’m using.

I’m using the criteria of the hardware, the support that they offer as well as some extra goodies for people that have WordPress websites.

Hostgator Compared to InMotion Hosting – Pricing Comparison

First of all let’s hop over to their website right now. Now I’m going to take a look at their page for their business hosting or their Shared Hosting. That’s what I’m talking about today and they have three packages.

Now the details of the packages. You could go to the website they’re all like most webhosts the pricing is really just the same, but what’s different about InMotion Hosting.

Features Comparison

Here are the supported web hosting features of Hostgator:

Hostgator Compared to InMotion Hosting - Features

First I want to talk about is the hardware.

Their servers have SSD drives. An SSD Drive is a solid-state drive which essentially means your page, your website is going to load a lot faster just because they use better hardware.

If given the choice of having my website on an SSD drive or a normal slow hard drive I’m going to go for an SSD drive all the time.

Now every time I’ve looked for hosting to have a site with an SSD drive on it your site hosted on a server with an SSD drive it’s going to just cost more money. That’s an upsell, but with InMotion Hosting it’s not an upsell. So that’s number one.

Customer Support Comparison

Number two. InMotion Hosting has an awesome customer support.

That’s really aligned to provide timely thoughtful support to you when you need it. For me the most important thing with what company I choose to go with.

It really boils down to support for me because when I have a problem or I have a question I want it addressed immediately. I want an answer quick. I don’t want to sit around and have a problem for a day before someone will get back to me.

So that is huge for me and I’m sure it’s also huge for you. They have some of the best support reps and the best response time. And they even have live chat support which is pretty huge.

InMotion supports the following web hosting features:

Performance Comparison

I already made a speed comparison between InMotion and the most popular hosting providers.

Hostgator’s performance test showed similar result compared to InMotion.

So that’s another thing I wanted to talk about and this is WordPress specific.

Other web hosts (and I’m not going to name them, but they’re all the big ones and let’s just leave it at that ‘all the other web hosts’) have a back-end deal with a company.

They don’t think about this. If you go to the store and buy a PC computer, and you take your PC computer home. You turn it on for the first time, you notice it is filled with programs and applications. Programs that were bundled in with it, that you don’t want and there is a phrase for that.

It’s called crapware and that’s basically software that was installed and you’re forced to have, but you don’t want it, you never wanted it and the reason they do that is because the PC manufacturers get paid money to include this software in there.

So, that’s what happens with WordPress when you’re going with some of the other big web hosting companies. If you use their WordPress installer it installs a bunch of crap that you don’t want and so now you’ve got to go in and remove the crap that they installed in there.

And so this is probably one of the biggest reasons I like InMotion Hosting is that they don’t do that. So when you go and you install WordPress, you’re getting WordPress.

Smooth & Clean WordPress Install

You’ve used a package installer called Softaculous which is by far the most clean way to install WordPress. If not the easiest way to install WordPress. And there’s also WordPress management features built into it.

It will automatically apply updates for you, it will automatically backup WordPress for you, so it does a lot of these automatic things and it’s just a much better route for anyone.

And I’m glad that they haven’t bought into like the other big web hosting companies forcing you to have this crap where on your WordPress website, so that’s a big plus for InMotion Hosting.

Another thing I love about InMotion Hosting is when you’re ordering the hosting and you’re checking out you’re not tricked.

And what I mean by ‘trick’ is… Let’s look at Hostgator for instance. If you go and order hosting, you see one price. When you’re checking out the price ends up being higher and that’s because there’s all these hidden options that they’ve enabled.

And if you’re not reading everything and paying attention to everything you’re buying things that you didn’t say you wanted.

They’re just sneaking them in there, they’re just sneaking them right on in there, but when you go through the checkout process at InMotion Hosting they’re not trying to trick you to get something they’re not even saying ‘get this and get that’ and there’s like 15 pages in the checkout process of things you don’t want anyway that you find pretty common with GoDaddy and Hostgator.

InMotion Hosting just don’t do that and I like that because that’s straightforward and that’s the type of company that I want to do business with.

In Conclusion

So anyways, this has been my review of Hostgator and InMotion Hosting Compared. You’re going to have a faster, leaner WordPress website if you’re hosting it with InMotion Hosting.

And all of my demos that I do moving forward I’m going to start doing only on InMotion Hosting website and their hosting services.

If you are wanting to switch web hosts or if you’re wanting to get a web host for the first time, I’ve got a coupon here to InMotion Hosting .And if you do order hosting go ahead and forward your receipt off to me. And I’ve got something special for you that you can only get over on my website.

So, this has just been my review. If you like this comparison, please leave a comment. And if you have any questions about InMotion Hosting, Hostgator or about a different host, feel free to leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!

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